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1. Our Market

The market for our Harvard-branded products (Harvard University Global System and Harvard Planners and leather products) and PDI World Seminars for executives, entrepreneurs, team leaders, executive assistants and other professionals exceeds 10 billion dollars worldwide. Our goal is to team up with established distributors, sales professionals and manufacturer representatives to deliver premium quality products and services throughout the world.

2. About Us

Our mission is to empower high achievers with universal competencies and practical tools to succeed as professionals and exemplary leaders.

Our Clients are senior executives, entrepreneurs, team leaders, executive assistants and other professionals in finance, engineering, R&D, IT, marketing, sales, HR, operations and procurement.

We are the only organization licensed, since 1991, by Harvard University to create and deliver Harvard University Global System™ (HUGS), the best toolkit for thorough brainstorming, negotiating ethical deals, leading teams and effectively managing projects, risk and personal time.

Affordable, Harvard-branded products are used in small and large businesses and government organizations in every economic sector (IT, finance, transportation, aerospace, health, biotech, education, publishing, energy, construction, agrobusiness, media, manufacturing and defense).

HUGS visually-attractive road maps on negotiation, risk management, strategy, time and project management are practical checklists, featured in corporate conference rooms to support innovation and creativity, rigorous decision-making and insightful discussion.

Characterized by unrivaled quality and high focus on innovation, our workshops and world seminars provide the most effective leadership skills applying Harvard® tools to excel in performance, productivity and growth in a turbulent environment.

Seminars available in English, French and Spanish with simultaneous translation into other languages. Tailoring in-house sessions to client needs is among our distinctive strengths.

With word of mouth, the Harvard® solution has gained a wide acceptance. It offers unique benefits to users. In order to harness opportunities beyond our North-American markets, we are seeking established distributors in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

3. Exceptional Rewards for You and Your Clients

  • Excellent Commission and Growth Opportunities: Our distributors enjoy a competitive commission that grows substantially with volume. With a track record in client retention and traffic building, Harvard® products are ideal for market-share gains, cross-selling and co-branding.

  • Unique Training Benefits: We are committed to support our global distributors with a training program focusing on product knowledge, success stories and competitive intelligence to get and keep repeat-business customers.

  • Premium-Brand Benefits: Global in reach, Harvard® brand reflect 375 years in the pursuit of excellence. The instant name recognition facilitates rapid introduction and high growth.

  • Undeniable and Transparent Selling Arguments: Harvard® distributors are carefully selected and armed with evidence-based facts to build and nurture a mutually-rewarding relationship with clients. They can offer special rates to participants in PDI world-class seminars on Enterprise and Project Risk Management, Negotiation Excellence, Flawless Time Management, Exemplary Leadership, Strategy and Project Management, as well as in the best workshops for Executive Assistants & Administrative Professionals.

4. Our Assets

  • Our Team: Our staff team, PDI's greatest asset, is composed of experienced, passionate and creative professionals with integrity, strong expertise and academic backgrounds, communication skills and a genuine dedication, both in words and action, to exceed client's expectations. We listen and take pride in the quality of our work but we never stop learning.

    PDI team is led by several partners under the direction of Alain Paul Martin who taught management in graduate business schools and is a Fellow in Advanced Leadership (Harvard University), an alumnus in entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School) and a graduate in Commerce (Concordia). Alain has advised senior executives in multinational corporations worlwide.

  • Our Harvard-University License: With Harvard University, PDI has earned a reputation for creating and delivering products and services of the highest standard in quality. We are committed to continue to live up to this reputation by focusing on innovation and customer service.

  • Innovation: We are continuously investing in R&D to deliver the best and most productive Harvard® products and software.
  • Prestige Product Line of Premium-Quality Products: Harvard® Planners, Harvard® management road maps and Harvard University Global Software™ for decision makers and professionals.

  • High Retention of Customers: Our products boast incredible brand loyalty. Our records show a substantial number of loyal clients who adopted one or more of our products.

  • Strategic North-American Location and High-Production Capacity: We have perfected a robust production software. Our pre-press department is fully automated and we own an ultra-modern press facility located in a high-security building in a research park.

5. Our Clients

Our clients include banks and other financial institutions, ABB, Alcatel, Boeing, Bombardier, GE, IBM, defense industries, Procter & Gamble and governments in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Japan and China.

6. Minimize Your Risk. Start with a Pilot Experiment.

If you have the passion to succeed but are unsure of your potential, why not try a part-time experiment? We are flexible. You are welcome to apply for a temporary non-exclusive permit to sell Harvard® Planners and Harvard University Global System™ Road Maps for managers, engineers, lawyers, finance and IT professionals. Bring a solid commitment and a network of clients and personal contacts. We will help you make the transition to become a high performer. First, we will grant you exceptional discounts for all Harvard® products. You will have the opportunity to participate in our exemplary-leadership and negotiation world seminars. We will work relentlessly to help you grow and assess your progress toward a Certified Distributorship, as soon as possible.

7. How to Apply?

Apply by sending us an E-mail to rsvp (at) detailing your achievements, business background, market base and experience in selling. We will contact you promptly to discuss options that are mutually rewarding for you, your customers and us.

Customer Video Testimonials
Find out why our client teams come back for more training year after year.

Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals
who completed the Best-Practices and Skills Workshop
Applying Harvard University Global System™ Tools to Move forward

Senior Executives
who completed Negotiation Excellence, Exemplary Team Leadership and Project Management
Global IT Company Executive (first 2 videos in English; last 2 videos in French with the CEO of a Large Financial Institution (Staff: 48,000 in banking and insurance)

Director of Engineering (global mining company)
who completed Project Management and Negotiation Excellence

President of the American Precision Museum and Senior Team Leaders
who completed Exemplary Team Leadership

NGO Participants:
Executive Director Food Banks Canada and CEO & Executive Director of Banques alimentaires

who completed Exemplary Team Leadership and Negotiation Excellence

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