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Astronaut Mike Mullane
Countdown to Teamwork
Self-Leadership, Team-Building, Responsibility
and Normalization of Deviance

Video Presentation Featuring the Critical Success Factors
in Building Effective Teams and Courageous Self Leaders

This is a 64 minutes flash disk of a live presentation of Astronuat Mike Mullane's most popular teamwork and leadership program.

Building on his wide-ranging teamwork experience, Astronaut Mike Mullane provides a vivid description of three critical success factors for effective team synergy. These factors are applicable regardless of group size, risk and business environment. With remarkable depth, clarity and a fine witty humor, he weaves together cutting-edge team-building concepts using real-life examples drawn from the U.S. Air Force, NASA and his own life.

6-minute trailer of the 64 minute best-selling video presentation on self-leadership, responsibility and normalization of deviance


Countdown to Teamwork

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