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Innovation-Skills Bootcamp with Harvard University Global System's Tools for Teams

Hands-on webinar for teams led by award-winning innovators and experienced leaders in scientific, engineering and social innovations and complex change

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Introduction Learn new tools and counterintuitive ways to:
  • Create and deliver new, more or better value; and
  • Craft compelling innovations, worthy of approval in established firms (biomedical, industrial, infrastructural, financial, IT, defense, virtual), universities, governments and NGOs.
Although startup funding is not on the agenda, startup entrepreneurs will discover gems to design the substantive qualities that would attract strategic partners and the capital investment of their choice. Also, valuable references, including cutting-edge videos on funding will be provided.

Our Approach and Ongoing Journey

Advancing the practice and teaching of innovation begins with never-ending questions, into the past and present, about imagination, inclusion, creativity, discovery, sustainability, design, scaling, value delivery and ongoing improvement, such as:
  • What can we learn from invaluable, universally-applicable and timeless innovations (e.g. Unicode's Joe Becker, Louis Braille, Joseph Fourier...)?
  • What foresight can we glean from the successes and failure of clients, peers, distinguished scientists (e.g. Darwin, Pasteur, Nobel laureates collaborating in cross-border teams), and outstanding innovation teams in business, NGOs, governments and educational institutions?
  • we leverage the invaluable feedback provided by webinar participants, peers and professional networks to improve our curriculum (vision, content and pedagogical method)?
Our skill-building webinars and supporting Harvard® framework and tool library (roadmaps, templates, equations and algorithms) are the products of that journey.

On skills delivery, we capitalize on Lawrence-Lorsh differentiation-integration paradigm. Thus, in this webinar, participants across domains learn, share and practice universal skills (integration) together in teams. In our inhouse domain-specific webinars, we focus on tools applicable to an innovation sector/segment or even a project team (differentiation), a multi-company task force developing a new platform for a mRNA clinical-trial pipeline or a defense-intelligence innovation boot camp.

This webinar is led by technical- and social-innovation leaders with experience in aerospace, life sciences, national/food security, IT, virtual communities, banking, education, energy, mining, NGOs and organizational strategy and policy-making: Alain Paul Martin (Harvard-MIT trained leader, meta-innovation scientist) and Dr. Rob Stephens, a PhD engineer in nanotechnology, who directed engineers and scientists at Teck's Applied Research & Technology, and is now an entrepreneur.

The webinar leaders will demonstrates, through examples, how setting a high bar for delivering economically viable innovations (top and bottom-line results, with a uniquely beneficial user value), can leverage novel synergies from ecologically sustainable and socially responsible (inclusion, transparency, diversity and opportunity creation) strategies.

The complete program is crafted to nurture new ways of thinking; provide hands-on skills and competencies to unleash your team's creativity for groundbreaking innovations. It is intended for private and public-sector scientists, engineers, policy makers, team leaders and innovators striving to create groundbreaking products, services, strategic policies, processes, organizations, platforms and/or networks.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished innovator, you will leave this webinar with practical knowledge, skills and tools to excel with your team, in the post-COVID turbulent environment.

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