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Alain Paul Martin
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About Alain Paul Martin's book “Harnessing the Power of Intelligence”

“This is an extraordinarily thoughtful and well written book on a topic of great contemporary importance. Its advice is detailed, practical and completely on target.”

Professor Warren McFarlan, Harvard Business School

“I have used the framework described in this remarkable book successfully for several years, first, to orchestrate the turnaround of North America's fastest growing casualty-insurance company, and subsequently, to craft a vision and strategic direction of a $75 billion financial institution.”

John Harbour, Former President and CEO, Desjardins Casualty Insurance Group,
and President & COO, Desjardins Confederation

Workshop Leader: Alain Paul MARTIN

A Harvard Fellow (Advanced Leadership) educated in the science and practice of innovation, strategy, negotiation and team leadership (Harvard Business and Law Schools, Concordia, MIT, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland), Alain Martin coaches, as a thought leader, current and aspiring executives and entrepreneurs to act as exemplary team leaders; chart a bold vision with foresight; innovate; craft and execute strategy; and fulfill their mission in highly-competitive contexts; while building capacity and readiness for a sustainable future, within a collaborative ecosystem perspective.

Alain Paul Martin, Workshop Leader Alain is also the Chief Architect, Harvard University Global System (HUGS), for which his organization has the worldwide trademark license from Harvard University. He coaches, since 12 years, the Applied Research & Technology team at Teck, Canada’s global diversified resource firm and works in Massachusetts to advance the education of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Alain is Acting CEO of RUFIL, a new innovation and leadership network of thought leaders, who combine field practice with academic research in innovation and leadership, in business, NGOs and the public sector. RUFIL educators passionately build bridges, across linguistic and cultural barriers, sharing their unique experience and competence, in a spirit of global solidarity.

Alain began his career in operations research and systems dynamics, as a project leader and serial innovator, in the IT and aerospace domains, after studying advanced technology in France and graduating in Commerce (Quantitative Methods) from Concordia University in Montreal. He subsequently led Corporate IT projects at Bombardier and Du Pont; managed system development at Domtar; and exercised oversight over the engineering phase of collaborative CIDA-World Bank capital projects (microwave and inter-city transportation). At the CBC-SRC, he led the research to elucidate and combat media bias in news production, particulalrly during election periods, capitalizing on the precursor work of European broadcasters and applying news-content analytics, system thinking and autonomous inequity-reduction teamwork.

Alain assisted, for 10 years, Desjardins CEO craft the vision and strategic direction of the “world's second strongest bank” (Bloomberg’s rating). He advised two prime ministers (4 years), the UNESCO's head and spearheaded, with Dr. Brian Morrissey, the creation of Canada’s Food Inspection Agency; and addressed complex technology and environmental issues from the Arctic Circle (Canada, Sakha Republic) to Africa.

Alain taught strategic negotiation to M.Sc. students, project & risk management to nuclear-power teams and exemplary leadership workshops at APEO, Bertelsmann, Boeing, Boliden, Cap-Gemini, E.ON, France Loisirs, Framingham State University, GE (USA, Canada, Europe), Harvard, IEEE, Japan’s Engineering Advancement Association, METI, Procter & Gamble and Skanska, Harvard, the Ivy-League Leadership Summit, PMI, Skanska, Textron’s Bell Helicopters, UN University in Tokyo nuclear-energy companies (OPG, CANDU) and governments.

Active in civil society and inspired by Drs. Paul Farmer and Jim Kim, Alain led the creation of Partners in Health Canada and continues to focus on funding and providing advice to advance health, education and poverty reduction. He is a founding sponsor of Roger Fisher House, a conflict-resolution catalyst that is now part of Mercy Corps. He is an Advisory Board Member of both Social Hearts (Japan) and New York’s Build Academy for global education in architecture, engineering and construction. He led funding projects for the victims of Haiti’s earthquake, Japan’s Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and Hurricane Sandy (with the support of French Embassy in Washington). He also orchestrated initiatives for CHEO Children’s Hospital, Food Banks, Canada Without Poverty and led three times Harvard’s Global Month of Service. He is a founding member of Harvard University’s Advanced-Leadership Coalition.

Alain is a Harvard Business School’s alumnus in entrepreneurship (OPM, 1997-1999). He fine-tuned his skills in management of change and social psychology at MIT and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He is also certified to teach negotiation in the corporation by Harvard Law School where he was privileged to learn from Robert Mnookin, Lawrence Suskind, Bill Ury, Bruce Patten and the late Roger Fisher.

Alain was also recognized by Harvard University and Alumni Association presidents for his “Leadership, Vision and Service” and PMI for his “outstanding contribution to project management’s state-of-the-art”.

Alain was President of two Harvard University clubs and held memberships with Harvard Faculty Club and the Société mathématique de France (SMF). His book “Harnessing the Power of Intelligence, Counterintelligence & Surprise Events’ earned praise from scholars and business leaders. As an illustration, Harvard Business School’s Professor Warren McFarlan noted: “This is an extraordinarily thoughtful and well written book on a topic of great contemporary importance. Its advice is detailed, practical and completely on target.”

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