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Alain Paul Martin
Chief Architect, Harvard University Global SystemTM
Innovator with wide-ranging leadership skills and tools from France, Canada, Harvard and MIT
Hands-on team coach in the discovery, scaling and worldwide delivery of worthy and sustainable
products, services, platforms and methods that truly advance the Paris' UNFCC goals

Printable 4-page professional vitae in PDF format

Videos featuring exclusive testimonials about Alain Paul Martin and Harvard University Global SystemTM from several CEOs and senior executives:

  • John Harbour who applied Harvard University Global SystemTM and turned a $100-million company from a lagger to the leading financial institution in Canada. Promoted as president of Desjardins, he applied the method to chart the future of a $78 billion financial institution (among the world's top 10 banks according to Bloomberg). At the SAAQ, within five years, Mr. Harbour reduced death rate on highways by 35% and severe accidents by 43%, turning $489 million deficit into $20 million surplus (testimony in French).

  • Introduction to Harvard University Global SystemTM including testimonies from users in banking and finance, manufacturing and mining, a union president, and from Skanska, the world's leading project- development and construction group and "the greenest contractor in the world". Note: Internet-service providers are facing unprecedented traffic due to COVID-19. If you experience an issue with the above network, please use click on this Youtube's link. If you wish to bookmark the video, PDI server's link; but not Youtube's because the latter's URL will change with each update (because Youtube does not have a mechanism to modify or replace videos at the same URL).

About Alain Paul Martin's book “Harnessing the Power of Intelligence”

“This is an extraordinarily thoughtful and well written book on a topic of great contemporary importance. Its advice is detailed, practical and completely on target.”

Professor Warren McFarlan, Harvard Business School

“Alain Martin integrates strategic planning, competitive analysis, and risk management tools into a powerful framework that provides valuable theoretical and practical approaches to strategy formulation and business risk management. His trenchant advice to 'use competitive intelligence as both a sword and a shield' is particularly relevant in today's competitive marketplace. More importantly, Martin shows how the ethical and responsible use of competitive intelligence can prepare an organization for unprecedented changes in the external environment. This practical book is well worth the busy executives' time.”

Dr. Peter B. Corr, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, Pfizer Inc

“I have used the framework described in this remarkable book successfully for several years, first, to orchestrate the turnaround of North America's fastest growing casualty-insurance company, and subsequently, to craft a vision and strategic direction of a $75 billion financial institution.”

John Harbour, Former President and CEO, Desjardins Casualty Insurance Group,
and President & COO, Desjardins Confederation

Webinar Leader: Alain Paul MARTIN

Adhering to the Paris' UNFCC goals is part of everyone's mission. Building on a wide-range of disciplines, best practices and leadership skills, I work hands-on with teams, boards and leaders of innovative firms, NGOs and nations (with an unwavering commitment to the Paris Accord) to focus on the common good, across their value chain, and on creative pathways to grow and ethically compete on the best value. I coach teams to ask profound questions; act as exemplary self-leaders; nurture core values across cultures; focus on mission; apply decision sciences (cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, system thinking and operations research); co-innovate (patent holder in the U.S., Canada and Japan); craft and execute a foresighted mission-critical strategy with the details that count; and build succession for a sustainable-ecosystem future.

I teach collaborative innovation, principled negotiation (bar certified course), managing stakeholders' dynamics (from issue incubation to resolution and communication); and managing high-risk projects and virtual teams. I lead custom-crafted on site sessions with strict adherence to social distancing; and have developed and delivered intensive hands-on interactive degree-granting and executive-development webinars via Zoom, MS Teams and Skype.

Alain Paul Martin, Workshop Leader I am a 2012 Harvard Fellow, Advanced Leadership and a Harvard Business School's entrepreneurship alumnus (1997-99 OPM). I graduated in Commerce (Quantitative Methods) from Concordia University in Montréal and studied advanced technology in Lille, France. I acquired skills in system thinking and change management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC), and mediation and advanced negotiation for lawyers, at Harvard Law School from which I am certified to teach negotiation in corporations.

I led the development of the system used by Skanska in Stockholm to manage multi-billion dollar projects. I am Chief Architect, Harvard University Global System for which my firm has a worldwide-trademark license from Harvard University. I advise Biokplus' CEO, and coached, for 12 consecutive years, the Applied Research & Technology team at Teck Metal, Canada's largest global diversified resource firm.

I worked in Massachusetts to advance the education of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and decision sciences (STEM+D). Building on President Obama's 2012 "Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP)" initiative, I added, by necessity, the +D to STEM, in my workshop for teachers, to expose the ultimate beneficiaries, namely K-12 learners, to new vistas of thinking and immense possibilities afforded by the differentiation-integration of the four traditional disciplines represented in the STEM acronym.

In finance and banking, I advised the Senior V.P., Audit and Human-Resources, at the National Bank of Canada. Desjardins' CEO praised my ad-hoc role as the main strategic advisor who coached Desjardins' executive team to turn Canada's general-insurance laggard into the industry's flagship, leapfrogging Zurich and ING; and build a socially-responsible organization which, incidentally, became "North-America's fastest-growing general insurer [quadrupling sales with tenfold raise in profit] in 5 years." In the process, Desjardins advanced actuarial research and later spearheaded the Chair in Responsible Financing, at the University of Sherbrooke. Upon the promotion of the CEO, Mr. John Harbour, to president of Desjardins' parent organization, I went on to act again as the main strategic advisor and hands-on coach in crafting "the vision and strategic direction of Desjardins, a $75 billion financial institution", and the "world's 2nd strongest bank" (according to Bloomberg at the time).

I subsequently teamed-up, for a third mandate, with Mr. John Harbour upon his appointment by Québec's Premier to head the SAAQ, a government agency that was struggling under the weight of a rampant $489 million debt, due partly to fast-rising deaths and severe injuries, from highway accidents. I started by researching the best practices in leading actuarial schools and precursor jurisdictions, around the world, from France to Sweden and New Zealand. Then, I coached the SAAQ team which saved thousands of lives, in five years, reversing and reducing the death toll by 35% and accidents with severe bodily injuries by 43%, despite a 15% increase in Québec's highway traffic; while turning the nearly half a billion deficit into $20 million surplus. Mr. Harbour outlined my 12-year ad-hoc contribution in strategic thinking, innovation and exemplary leadership, both at Desjardins and at the SAAQ, in a video in French at:

In the public service, I advised the UNESCO's director general and authored "Overhauling the UNESCO and Strengthening Its Essence". For four years, I advised two prime ministers and was a non-partisan Executive Member of the Prime Minister's Committee on Government Reform. I also led assignments where sensitive multipartite negotiations were of paramount importance, including:

  1. The creation, with Dr. Brian Morrissey, of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to restore the public trust in the inspection system and position the country as a safe and trusted exporter;

  2. Initiating, at my expense, research on the lessons learned in the U.K. from mad cow (BSE) and foot and mouth disease. Consequently, Dr. Morrissey and I led a brainstorming retreat with public-health executives and scientists to prepare Canada for possible mad cow (BSE) and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases (vCJD) nine months before BSE was diagnosed in Canada;

  3. A proposal accepted by the Prime Minister to defuse the growing tensions between Canada and its Asian trade partners, particularly Japan, following the discovery of mad-cow disease;

  4. The merger of five agencies mandated to protect investors, maintain the integrity of securities markets, and regulate financial institutions in Québec;

  5. Coaching leaders of the First Nations in British Columbia and those of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic of the Russian Federation to apply principled negotiation in resolving critical issues with their respective federal governments and corporate stakeholders;

  6. Advising the government of the Northwest Territories (NWT) on large-scale environmental risks, from existing and complex mine reclamations to potential oil and gas disasters in NWT and the Arctic;

  7. Trilateral cooperation in educational and infrastructural projects bringing together the Governments of Canada and oil-producing countries to earmark Canadian expertise and petro-dollar contribution for the benefits of the poorest of the poor countries.

Building on my experience at Germany's ARD in Berlin and knowledge of counterparts in democratic countries, I led the creation of Radio Canada's (CBC) news-equity system to improve the impartiality in the delivery of news and public-affairs programs, across six time zones, during elections and other critical times, where accuracy and timely reporting are sine qua non conditions for transparency and effectiveness. The operations-research based system also served to mitigate the national broadcaster's liability risks (especially in the protection against frivolous suits) and strengthened its independence.

In education and executive development, I was twice a graduate faculty member at the University of Québec where I taught Management of Change to graduate students (M.Sc. and Master's in Project Management). I led Framingham University's system-thinking workshop on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

My exemplary-team leadership workshops were held at Bertelsmann, Boeing, Boliden, Cap-Gemini, E.ON (wind energy), France Loisirs, GE (USA, Canada and Europe), Harvard University, MD Robotics, OPG Nuclear Power, Skanska (Sweden), Textron's Bell Helicopters, the UN University in Tokyo, OCP Group, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco), and governments in Europe, North America and Asia.

I also led seminars for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), operations-research societies (INFORMS, CORS), the Ivy-League's Leadership Summit at Harvard University, Japan's Engineering Advancement Association (ENNA), Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Asian Productivity Organization (APO), China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and the OCP Group, a global corporation with activities in mining, sustainable agriculture, food security, university research and education.

As a student, I volunteered with the Jeunesses musicales de France (JM France) in Montbéliard and Lille, the Musikverein in Vienna and taught French in Surrey (UK). I subsequently worked with Peugeot, German Broadcasting, Carleton's hydrodynamic-engineering lab and University of Ottawa's particle-physics unit. I began my career with Bombardier, Du Pont and Domtar in operations research and IT-management positions. I subsequently led engineering projects in Equatorial Africa (Burundi, Rwanda and in both Congos, including a 2800-KM microwave link, a 660-KM inter-city highway and bridges, and flood-rescue logistics, funded by CIDA and the World Bank.

I am an award recipient (Bombardier-Aerospace/Canadair and the Canada Awards for Excellence). I was also recognized by the president of Harvard University for my "Leadership, Vision and Service" and the Project Management Institute for "outstanding contribution to the state-of-the-art of project management".

Active in civil society, I focus on funding and providing strategic advice to advance health, education and poverty reduction. Inspired by Drs. Paul Farmer and Jim Kim, I led the creation of Partners in Health Canada. I also led, among others, the funding for CHEO children's hospital, food banks, Canada Without Poverty and the victims of Haiti's earthquake, Japan's Tohoku tsunami, and Hurricane Sandy with the collaboration of the French Embassy and the alumni clubs of Chicago, Harvard, HBS and Wharton in Washington (DC).

I am a founding member of Harvard University's ALI-Coalition and a former president of two Harvard University clubs. I held memberships with Harvard Faculty Club, the Sierra Club, the Agile Alliance, the Association of Computing Machinery, HBS Club of New York, the Société mathématique de France (SMF) and the Jeunesses musicales de France (JM France). I am a founding sponsor of Roger Fisher House, a conflict-resolution catalyst that is now part of Mercy Corps. I am an Advisory Board Member of both Social Hearts (Tokyo, Japan) and New York's Build Academy which focuses on urban infrastructure, smart cities and sustainable and resilient design. I also act as a speaker and panel chair on innovation, governance, virtual teamwork and exemplary leadership in international conferences, the latest in Spain and Portugal, before the COVID pandemics.

I am the author of the book titled "Harnessing the Power of Intelligence" which was recommended by leading scholars, corporate executives and the intelligence community. I am currently preparing the publication of a monograph series titled "Charting the Future with Exemplary Leadership". The second edition of the first volume will be published in in 2021 under the title: "Value Incubation Foresight: Managing High Frequency and Severity Events and Stakeholders' Dynamics in Business, Government and Geopolitics".

I teach in French and English. I studied German and worked in Berlin and Vienna. I am passionate about learning, governance, history, languages, arts, sciences, running, hiking and windsurfing.

For details about my education and executive development, please see page 4 at

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