10 Reasons Why
the Harvard® Planners
Are the Best

Harvard® Planners and Organizers are practical and innovative timesavers and corporate gifts you can give your staff and clients to improve personal time management and team productivity. They are available in bookbound, wire-O bound and in refills with simulated leather binders and genuine leather portfolios. Our refills also fit Franklin-Covey® and Day-Timer® binders.

Global companies and governments count on Harvard® International Planners and Harvard® Elite Planners as the reliable reference for world holidays. Our loyal clients include educators, entrepreneurs, CEOs, diplomats, lawyers, administrative and executive assistants and other professionals in sales, IT, finance, engineering and procurement.

We manufacture and personalize attractive management posters, Harvard® Planners and other dated products (English, French, Spanish or bilingual) for major banks, governments, military, high-tech companies, universities and advertising-specialty firms.

Here is why the Harvard® Planner saves you 10 days a year
(based on an independent evaluation by Ernst & Young):
  1. Scan each week at a single glance and rapidly plan and control your day with minimum paperwork.
  2. Set goals and keep them in sight every day, week and year.
  3. Focus on priorities and save valuable time.
  4. Instantly reschedule tasks without rewriting.
  5. Record appointments in 30, 15, 10 or 5 minute-blocks without clutter.
  6. Quick control of delegated work and commitments from others.
  7. Fast-Tracking performance and work-in-progress.
  8. No duplication between agenda, do-lists and expense reports.
  9. User-friendly patented design provides more space for writing than competitors with more room for actions, notes and reminders than planners of comparable size. You can record 10 events in a single timeline without cluttering the next timeline, in the pocket-size Planners and much more in larger formats.
  10. Adaptable space allocation permitting to differentiate between professional and personal tasks, the important and urgent, and discretionary and non-discretionary tasks.
With these features, you gain 10 days each year.
What you will do with the free days is up to you!