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This practical instrument permits you to quickly analyze where your time goes. Lasting control over your time is wishful thinking unless it is based on facts. However, continuous logging of everything you do is time consuming and inefficient, be it for a whole week or any contiguous period of days. No week is representative of your workload which can peak on Mondays or other specific days of the week, the month or the season. With the Harvard® Mission-Centered Time Log, you can analyze and take corrective action as you go. Logging time requires neither a change in your work habits nor in your day-to-day behavior. It also helps you gain insights into distraction, procratination, attention fragmentation and the pattern of frequent interactions with specific people or repetitive-work clusters.

Armed with facts, you can raise sensitive time-wasting questions with your coworkers and leaders. Some of your teammates may not even realize the damage they inflict on you by their time-wasting behavior. The Harvard® Mission-Centered Time Log comes with a complete set of questions to assist you in auditing your work practices, take corrective action, review progress and focus on real priorities without ignoring unavoidable obligations.

Maintaining peak performance in the midst of a pandemic is challenging for everyone and more so in virtual teams. But the good news is we are not helpless, thanks to the integration of the best practices and knowledge from neurosciences, systems thinking, self-leadership and applied mathematics. We can act to take control of our present and future, both at work and in our daily lives, by allocating, to what matters most, our most-important scarce and non-renewable resource, namely time. Thus, we can deliver promptly without hasting nor succombing to the arbitrary-deadlines' tyrrany. How we think and act, or fail to act, about where our time goes, affects our career, physical health and ultimately our brain, impinging on our well-being and peace of mind.

The Harvard® Mission-Centered Time Log for Diagnosis & Intervention and the patented Harvard® Planner are two practical innovations and an integral part of Harvard University Global System, a dynamic ensemble of both strategic and day-to-day decision-support instruments, aimed at synergistic individual and teamwork. These two instruments help us concentrate on mission and important goals, work diligently and melt away superfluous distractions. The ultimate goal is to progress from time management to self-leadership; alleviate toxic stress; enhance restorative sleep; feel relaxed and think with clarity to innovate and indulge in more pleasurable endeavors.
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Time & Productivity Diagnosis Log (code 35A)

Size: 8½" X 11" (21 X 28 cm)
Sold in sets of 50 units
Code 35A.
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Time & Productivity Diagnosis Log (code 35A)

Harvard® Mission-Centered Time Log for Diagnosis & Intervention


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