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Conjuguer le temps et la vie

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Conjuguer le temps et la vie

120 pratical tips for managing your time and
enjoying life (168 pages)
A.P. Martin Code: V27


(English Version)

TIME MANAGEMENT is doing a superior job the first time. It is about the quality of time we share with those we love and care for. Yet, too many people equate time management with a race against the clock and remain stuck in the present with no link to the future.

This book bridges the gap between time and life to build a sound transition toward a better future where we can nurture our total growth - physical, emotional, professional and spiritual. It is about making time to fulfill our mission and take up gratifying challenges both at work and at home. Perhaps most important, it is about taking time to live fully and enjoy life thoroughly.

BRINGING TIME TO LIFE is easy to read. Each of 120 tips starts with a short sentence in boldface. If the subject is not revelant, skip to the next point; otherwise, read further. Share the content with your work team, your managers and support staff, your family and friends. Helping them harness the power of time to improve their performance at work and achieve more of their life goals with less stress is the most valuable gift you can give.

A. P. MARTIN is internationally known for creating the Harvard® Planner and the Proactive Thinking paradigm. Mr. Martin holds patents and awards for his innovations on productivity, project management and competitive strategy. He has trained senior executives and managers from Bell, Bechtel, Boeing, Exxon, Fuji, GE, General Motors, Kawasaki, Metlife, Skanska, Spar Aerospace, the World Bank and a host of government agencies. His seminars feature advanced concepts, proven tools and management practices most of which are not available elsewhere.

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