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Flawless Time Management
Tools & Techniques to Thrive
Balance Personal and Professional Missions,
Virtual and Onsite Teamwork
Includes Harvard® Planner's 2021 User Guide

Flawless Time Management

  Practical Timesavings Tools & Techniques (75 pages)
  Alain Paul Martin Code V28A

  Note: This book will be published on October 10, 2020.
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Doing a superb job the first time is what this publication is all about, whether you work in your corporate office or virtually from anywhere. For managers and professionals, change and excessive demands on time have become the norm. These growing demands from work, personal interests, family and friends create constant dilemmas and various opportunities. This unique document helps you craft a vision and a mission worth pursuing, build and validate a portfolio of goals to accomplish them, and allocate your very limited time effectively in order to get the best out of your life.

It provides new ideas, proven tools and proactive timesaving skills, most of which are not available elsewhere. The focus is on the how-to's of high performance in managerial, professional and administrative occupations.

Applying the practical method proposed yields no less then 20 woking days per year in time saving or their equivalent in increased productivity. Equally applicable at home, the author offers new ways to accomplish highly valued family goals. It includes an intensive presentation on productivity using the Harvard® Planner.

About the author

Alain Paul Martin is the Chief Architect, Harvard University Global System, holder of timesaving patents and the inventor of the inventor of the Harvard® Planner. He leads on-site and virtual workshops on exemplary-team leadership, principled negotiation (bar-certified course), strategic innovation and system thinking, including crisis leadership (from incubation diagnosis and communication to resolution), and other projects with high-severity risks (oil spills, gas, mining, nuclear power, aerospace, supply chain, food and airport security, pandemics).

Alain is a 2012 Harvard Fellow, Advanced Leadership and a Harvard Business School’s entrepreneurship alumnus (1997-99 OPM). He studied advanced technology in Lille (France) and graduated in Commerce (Quantitative Methods) from Concordia University (Montreal). He acquired skills in system thinking and change management at the Sloan School of Management, (MIT) and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC), and mediation and advanced negotiation for lawyers at Harvard Law School from which he is certified to teach negotiation in corporations.

Alain led the development of the framework used by Skanska in Stockholm to manage multi-billion dollar projects. He is Chief Architect, Harvard University Global System™ for which his firm has the worldwide-trademark license from Harvard University.

In finance and banking, Alain coached, for 10 years, Desjardins’ President, in “crafting the vision and strategic direction of a $75 billion financial institution” and the “world's second strongest bank” (according to Bloomberg at the time). At Desjardins’ general-insurance subsidiary, Alain coached the executive team to turn Canada’s laggard into the industry’s flagship, leapfrogging Zurich and ING. When Mr. Harbour, Desjardins’ president took the helm of the SAAQ, a government agency struggling under the weight of a rampant $489 million debt, Alain coached his new team which, in five years, saving thousands of lives by reducing the death toll by 35% and accidents with severe bodily injuries by 43%, despite 15% increase in Quebec highway traffic; while turning the nearly half a billion deficit into $20 million surplus. Mr. Harbour praised Alain for his outstanding contribution in strategic thinking, innovation and exemplary leadership, both at Desjardins and at the SAAQ (video in French at:

Book outline

  1. Knowing where your time goes, focusing on what really matters, controlling time-wasters (discreet ways)

  2. How to achieve a delicate balance between conflicting priorities and obligations.

  3. How to reduce your workload by making lasting decisions: personal organization, discipline and teamwork.

  4. How to seek collective gains with your staff, co-workers and family; best practices, tools, current know-how.

  5. How to operate with high-performing tools and make life enjoyable and worth living.

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