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Harvard Planner Assessment by Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young has conducted an independent market assessment of time management tools produced by The Professional Development Institute (PDI). The nationwide study involved participants from a number of large corporations including Bell, Motorola, the Royal Bank, and Ernst & Young.

The objective of the study was to determine specific time benefits, if any, realized by the participants as a result of using, for one month, the Harvard Planner. During the survey PDI agreed to maintain an arm's-length relationship with the participants. None of the participants were selected by PDI. All responses were returned directly to Ernst & Young.

The following findings are drawn from participants who have not taken the seminar offered by PDI.

All Participants Average:
Manager level:
Others - incl. Administrative Professionals
14 minutes per day time saving
14 minutes per day time saving
15 minutes per day time saving
13 minutes per day time saving
    On average, the above findings indicate that individuals using the Harvard Planner, will achieve savings of approximately 10 days per year (14 min. per day x 230 working days - holidays & sick leave excluded). It is reasonable to assume that if such savings were consistently applied they may translate into a significant return on investment at the corporate level.
    Some three-quarters (74%) of the participants were using a different form or time planner when they began the survey.
    We have also received a range of positive feedback from the participants, who generally claim to be very pleased with the Harvard Planner and will continue to utilize this product in the future.

    Tony P. Going

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