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How to Clarify Everyone's Role and Accountability in a Project, a Negotiation,
a Policy or Any Task Executed in a Single or Multiple Organizations with
Harvard® Responsibility & Accountability Chart

A Proven and Practical Governance Template of
Harvard University Global System

Harvard® Responsibility & Accountability Chart is a governance instrument used to clarify roles and accountabilities in teams and between parties in a contract within and across multiple organizations. It helps team leaders, negotiators, lawyers, auditors and executives brainstorm and assign clear roles, validate responsibility, accountability and veto powers in any initiative, project or policy.

In negotiation, contracting, logistics and project management, Harvard® Responsibility & Accountability Chart brings to light early warnings of potential delays, helps in the prevention and adjudication of role conflicts, particularly those related to managing transitions, mergers and reorganizations. The instrument has been proven to (a) bring rigor to job descriptions, (b) facilitate job analysis, and (c) run fair and equitable performance evaluation.

The second page provides a step-by-step scenario to identify risks specifically related to responsibility and veto. Thus, users can act early to mitigate risk and prepare a contingency plan to address residual risks.
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Responsibility Chart (code 60A)

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Responsibility Chart (code 60A)

Responsibility Chart


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