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Since its inception in 1975, The Professional Development Institute PDI Inc. has been a leading impartial source of strategic consulting in complex environments. PDI performance-improvement products and cutting-edge management training programs have been delivered throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Japan and China.

The hands-on experience of our management team spans a wide range of sectors including R&D management, life sciences (health, nutrition, food inspection, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology), software, telecommunication, aerospace, chemicals, pulp & paper, banking and insurance, communication (broadcasting, advertizing, Internet), educational institutions, defense and government.

Three managing partners lead PDI team of professionals: Alain Paul Martin, Dr. J. André Potworowski and Dr. Norman G. Willis. All three have served as senior executives of organizations dealing with complex global issues.

Dr. Willis is a distinguished scientist and a leading international authority in the prevention, eradication and control of animal diseases. He has held prominent executive leadership positions, notably as Executive Director of the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, and as President of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), in Paris (France), where his accomplishments, subsequently, earned him the lifetime title of Honorary President. Dr. Willis holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and a PhD in Virology.

Alain Martin and André Potworowski are alumni of the Harvard Business School and both have served as senior executives in large companies and in advisory committees for The Prime Minister of Canada. Both have taught management in Graduate Schools of Management and both have a current background and experience in information technology (IT) and entrepreneurship.

Alain Paul Martin

  • President and CEO of PDI
  • Pioneered the Proactive Thinking concept
  • Created Harvard University Global System on strategy, risk and project management
  • Faculty Member, University of Quebec - Graduate School of Management; led Project Management Seminars in the Americas, Europe and Asia
  • Clients: Boeing, Bombardier, Nortel, P&G, Cognos, IBM and governments
  • Served as an executive member of the P.M. Committee - Government Reform
  • Patent holder
  • O.P.M. (Harvard Business School), entrepreneurship program (1997-99)
  • Project Director: capital projects, software
  • Negotiator: FAO, CIDA and large enterprises

J. André Potworowski, PhD

  • PDI's Managing Partner, Science & Technology
  • Leading North-American expert on R&D and Technology Management
  • Associate Director, R&D, Centre for Research in Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, University of Ottawa
  • Adjunct Professsor, Executive MBA program, University of Ottawa
  • Senior executive with hi-tech companies
  • Worked on the Prime Minister's National Advisory Board on Science & Technology
  • Science writer for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
  • Clients include pharmaceutical and hi-tech companies, NRC and other research institutes (aerospace, renewable energy, biotech, water, hydrology, pesticides, computers), a patent office and government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • has written widely on R&D management
  • Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and Computer Science (U. of Toronto), M.B.A. (Harvard Business School)

Dr. Norman G. Willis, DVM, PhD

  • PDI's Managing Partner, Research & Life Sciences
  • Leading international authority in the prevention, eradication and control of animal diseases
  • Executive Director of the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health (joint appointment with Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • President of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris (France)
  • Recent assignments: Senior Technical Advisor to the Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood for BSE in Asia; Program Consultant for the construction of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BSL-03 Animal Facility at Ames (Iowa); and Consultant managing an international working group for the development of alternatives to animal disposal
  • Directed the design and construction of Canada's first and only maximum biocontainment laboratory
  • Director General - Animal and Plant Health Directorate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; responsible for eight animal pathology and plant protection laboratories and the national animal health and plant protection programs
  • Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (Ontario Veterinary College)
  • Diploma in Bacteriology from the School of Hygiene, University of Toronto
  • PhD in Virology from the School of Hygiene, University of Toronto
  • Honorary President (Lifetime), L'Office International des Epizooties (OIE)
  • Member of the Executive Committee, United States Animal Health Association;
  • Chairperson of the International Working Group on Animal Disposal Alternatives (IWADA)
  • Senior Statesman evaluating the International Forum on the International Aspects of Accidental Release or Deliberate Use of Biological Agents Affecting Food and Agriculture hosted by Texas A&M University Systems's Integrative Center for Homeland Security

Management Faculty
and Senior Partners

Alain Paul Martin

André Potworowski, PhD, MBA

Dr. Norman G. Willis, DVM, PhD

Senior Partner: Michael Rees, PhD, MBA,
A citizen of both Canada and the United Kingdom, Dr. Michael Rees is recognized throughout Europe and North America for his cutting-edge expertise in complex risk assessment and mitigation, quantitative methods, and strategic and financial modelling. Greatly appreciated for his outstanding abilities in teaching, he combines a sound practical experience with a distinguished education in mathematics and business administration.

Dr. Rees currently also acts as European Director of Training and Consulting for Palisade Corporation. He is an Invited lecturer on Real Options on the Wilmott Certificate in Quantitative Finance program. His experience includes Vice President of J.P. Morgan in the UK, Principal at Mercer Management Consulting in Germany and the UK, and Manager at Braxton Associates (now Deloitte and Touche) in Germany.

Michael holds a PhD in Mathematics from Oxford University, a Certificate in Quantitative Finance (won Wilmott Award and graduated top of class) and an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD in France. He is Associate Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (AFIMA).

Steve Doty, CA: Senior Advisor, Mergers and Acquisitions
Steve is a trusted senior financial executive with more than 25 years of experience in a variety of financial management positions. Steve has served as Chief Financial Officer for financial services and technology companies and provided a wide array of financial services support to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Steve helped lead the strategic financial planning, budgeting and financial reporting of a $20 billion organization through bull and bear markets. In the last several years, Steve served as the organization's Finance lead on a variety of mergers and acquisitions, an Initial Public Offering ($118 million common share issue) and a $20 million dollar cost reduction project.

As Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from 2006 to 2009, reporting to the CEO and Board of Directors, Steve led a team of more than 100 professionals and staff with oversight for the Risk Management, Legal, Taxation, Internal Audit and Finance and Accounting teams. A member of the Executive Management Team, Steve helped shape and implement corporate strategic plan and change management initiatives.

Steve applies strategic, service-oriented thinking to all of the activities he leads, ensuring his teams deliver mission-critical services that meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. Recognized as an effective communicator and change manager, his teams are motivated, results-driven, live the corporate values and understand the importance they play in contributing to the organization's successes.

Dr. John Brian Morrissey, DVM, MBA
A member of the U.K. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Dr. Morrissey has an outstanding track record in managing research. He was ADM, Food Production & Inspection, Director General, Food Inspection Directorate, and Director of Canada's Animal Health Division. He was also awarded the highest award given by Canada to its public servants.

Professor Pierre G. Bergeron
Professor Bergeron is an award-winning author on finance who has made an immensely valuable contribution in the advancement of management best practices, accountability and good governance. He was Director in Corporate Finance at Domtar, and led market analysis and capital project evaluation at Imperial Oil. He also was a senior executive in several departments of the Federal Government prior to pursuing a distinguished career as a professor of management and associate dean at the University of Ottawa.

Prof. Bergeron has written extensively on finance, planning, budgeting, and capital budgeting for professional journals including CAmagazine, CMA Magazine, CGA Magazine, Banker and ICB Review, the Financial Post, and Optimum. He is the author of eight books including Finance for Non-Financial Managers; Survivor's Guide to Finance; Modern Management in Canada; Gestion dynamique: concepts, méthodes et applications; Planification, budgétisation et gestion par objectifs; and Capital Expenditure Planning for Growth and Profit. He is the recipient of the Walter J. MacDonald award for his series of articles on capital budgeting decisions, which appeared in the CAmagazine. He has assisted Industry Canada in designing a Web-based program to help entrepreneurs raise risk funds from venture capital markets. He also participated in producing The ABCs of Financial Performance Measures and Benchmarks for Canada's Tourism Sector and Finding Funding for the Canadian Tourism Commission. He also collaborated in the production of a series of videos on finance. He created financial-planning framework to help managers gauge the impact of business strategies, plans and budgets on financial statements, and to make business decisions using cutting-edge yardsticks for time-value-of-money investment.

Clients who sent participants to Professor Bergeron's finance seminar include Alberta Natural Gas, Alcan Building Products, Atomic Energy of Canada, Best Foods, Burroughs Welcome, Chevron, Dow Chemicals, Hawker Siddeley, H.J. Heinz, Helen Curtis, Herman Miller, Hiram Walker & Sons, Keg Restaurants, Kellogg, Kimberley Clark, Lever Bros., MacMillan Bloedel, Nestlé Rowntree, Petro-Canada, Robin Hood Multifoods, West Coast Drugs and a host of federal, state and provincial government agencies.

Prof. Bergeron is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and the University of Western Ontario.

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