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Secure Shopping and Privacy Policy

Since its inception in 1975, The Professional Development Institute PDI Inc. has been a leading provider of management education, systems and performance-improvement products throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Japan and China. For over 25 years, we have learned a great deal about customer care. We always listen to your feedback to fully understand and appreciate your evolving needs, to innovate in everything we do, and serve you better every day. We continue to create practical seminars and management tools like the Harvard Planner (1984), Harvard University Global System (1999) and Harvard University Global Software (2007). We have built our website in 1996 to extend the high quality of service to our online customers. In addition to offering our best products online, we are pleased to provide you with excellent references about team leadership, management, negotiation, strategy, risk, e-business and investing.

Our Privacy Policy

Privacy is of paramount importance to us. The information you provide us including your name, address, phones, email, purchases, credit-card info is used to:

  • process your order or seminar registration,
  • answer your questions,
  • provide us with feedback in online surveys
  • send you periodic mailings about our products and services or upcoming events.

We do not send unsolicited emails. We do not distribute, rent or sell your information or provide our lists to anyone. Our seeded client lists are held in strict confidence by our authorized staff. Specifically, all information provided on your order form or email is never distributed, rented or sold to anyone. It is stored in an environment that is secure and safe from unauthorized access, both physical and electronic. In addition, access to our facility is logged on 24-hour cameras.

With the following exceptions, no information about customers is shared in any manner whatsoever with third parties for commercial gains or other purposes:
  • When it is necessary to comply with applicable laws, regulations, rules and regulatory orders (court order, audits by Internal Revenue Service or Canada Revenue Agency), or when the release of requested information would likely prevent imminent harm to individuals;
  • When Harvard University audits our financial transactions and customer records;
  • When auditors, suppliers or contractors access information as part of their duties or install software or information-technology equipment;
  • When it is necessary to involve a credit-collection firm to recover payments that are more than 120-day overdue, relevant client information is provided to the collection firm to secure payment.

Safe and Secure Shopping Environment

Ensuring secure online ordering is essential to earn your trust and build a lasting relationship with you. When you place an order with us online, all of your personal and credit card information is encrypted (scrambled) before it is transmitted over the Internet using secure socket layers (SSL). With SSL advanced technology, your personal information is protected and cannot be read in transit. Once we receive your encrypted transaction and personal data, we store it on a computer that is not accessible from the Internet.

Our customer-service center is located in a recently built high-security building with 24-hour access control. Located in a high-technology park, the facility was constructed for advanced radar development for defense. Shopping online with us is actually safer than using your credit card at a store or a restaurant.

If you are not comfortable to order online, you are welcome to call our customer service. If you have further questions, please contact us by email or call 1-800-HARVARD or +1 (819) 772-7777.

While we strive to protect your personal information with the highest level of confidentiality and security, we cannot totally guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us beyond reasonable means. Our pledge is to do whatever we can to continue to deserve your trust.

If you wish to opt out of our direct marketing, please inform us at any time by phone toll-free at 1-800-HARVARD or +1 (819) 772-7777 or contact us by email, please write "Remove from mailing list" in the subject line.

About Cookies

A cookie is a very small temporary electronic record that can be placed on your hard drive. When you start ordering online, we place a small temporary cookie to allow you login to our secure server, keep track of your order, facilitate the checkout and provide with a personalized service. If you come to our site via the hyperlink of one of our global partners, we also store a small cookie containing the partner web site ID number on your computer. This number accompanies your purchase information in order to pay our partner for the referral. Your browser will only share the information in a cookie with the web site that created it. No advertiser has access to our cookies. All cookies in your computer are temporary. They expire within a set time or as soon as you close your browser or log out. You can set your browser to detect cookies and choose to allow or delete them from your hard drive.

How to Protect Your Privacy Online

For the best tips on how to protect your privacy online, consult the following:

  • Online Privacy Essentials at Developed by Dell in partnership with the National Consumers League, this site is ideal for anyone who requires a primer on privacy, security, passwords, cookies, "spam" and related terminology. The content can be downloaded for free.

  • How to Protect Your Digital Assets
    Never open an unexpected attached file even from a known source because the sender may use a false identity. Call your contact to validate the transaction. If you suspect a problem, please alert the police at the Canadian Anti-fraud Call Centre at 1-888-495-8501 in the USA and Canada (international: +1-705-495-8501) or by email at:
    For further information to protect your electronic assets from Internet crime, please visit: PhoneBusters is a national anti-fraud call centre jointly operated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Federal Bureau of Competition and the Ontario Provincial Police. Its mandate includes facilitating prosecution by United States agencies through extradition. The RCMP works closely with the FBI, Interpol, Europol and police and law enforcement agencies worldwide to prevent and prosecute transnational crimes.
  • Tips for Parents: This section helps you teach your children the meaning of privacy and personal information. The site contains tips to use the Internet wisely, learn the cyber language and prevent falling victim to Internet scams and fraud. You can order a copy from the FTC toll-free at 1-877-382-2020 or visit the FTC education campaign page -- it's located at

Thank you for shopping with us.

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