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Preparation and Delivery Fees for Private Seminars
Conducted in Your Organization

Fixed Flat Fees for Sessions of Up to 25 Participants
Continental USA
Latin America
Hawai, EU
UAE, Turkey
China, Korea
Japan, Australia
1 Day
$  6,800
    +1 Day
   +2 Day
   +2.5 Days
2 Days
   +1 Day
 +2 Day
 +2.5 Days
3 Days
 +1 Day
 +2 Day
 +2.5 Days
4 Days
 +1 Day
 +2 Day
 +2.5 Days
5 Days
 +1 Day
 +2 Day
 +2.5 Days

Individual Fees for Each Additional Participant After the 25th.

1 Day
  $   329
2 Day
  $   649
3 Day
 $   949
4 Day
5 Day

Terms & Conditions

Effective starting Monday, October 31, 2016, the above fees do not affect negotiated standing offers with governments and other prior commitments. They apply to inhouse seminars delivered for a single organization, without alterations to the program outline, in sessions grouping up to 25 participants. A nominal sum is added to cover alterations, if significant. Please add value-added taxes (GST and PST or VAT) applicable to your jurisdiction on services and course materials.

The travel expenses for seminar leaders are on cost-recovery basis. They include airfare, ground transportation, meals, gratuities, airport taxes, hotel accomodation and Internet connection. In addition, a reasonable compensation will be claimed for domestic and international sessions where the workshop leader loses the equivalent of one or more working days in travel.

Pre-readings and course materials are available at a special rates that are significantly below retail prices. They vary depending upon the program content and duration. In addition to the participant manuals, handouts and case studies, they may include books such as Harnessing the Power of Intelligence, psychometric instruments (FIRO-B, SDI or MTBI), Harvard University Global System™ road maps and work-improvement templates.

If the session is not held in your premises, please add participant meals and refreshments, and the rental of conference rooms and audio-visuals. The following locations are suggested:

For more information, please contact (819) 772-7777, or dial toll free 1-800-HARVARD in North-America. International +1 (819) 772-7777.

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