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To my students, clients and visitors,
I welcome suggestions to add the pages you chose and will promptly repair all broken links.
I hope to keep these references relevant and current for your benefit and for other decision-makers, executive assistants and students.
Thank you for your invaluable contribution.
Alain Paul Martin
2012 Fellow, Advanced Leadership, Harvard University
President, The Professional Development Institute
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1. Free Online Dictionaries Including Specialized, French and Multilingual

2. Writing Letters, E-Mails, Reports, Essays and Dissertations in English and French

3. Search Engines: How Do They Work + References

4. Team-Building, FIRO-B, Compatibility, Personal Growth & Motivation

5. Personal Time Management & Team Productivity

6. Career & Life Planning and Stress Management

7. Performance Reviews, Recognition Activities, Praise & Rewards

8. Document Management, Filing Systems & Archiving: Online & Paper Based

9. Worldwide News Sources: TV, Radio & Printed Media

10. Governments Worldwide, United Nations & International Associations

11. Books for Executive Assistants & Administrative Professional in English and French

12. Hands-On Seminars for Executive Assistants & Administrative Professionals in English and French

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