Good news, The plastic insert is now included in the 2022 Harvard Planners. During the last six years, Harvard® Planners' and Organizers' production costs went up by over 12%; yet none of these cost increases were passed on to our clients. Unlike other tasks that can be digitized, producing the Planners requires a large offset press, gathering and binding equipment and a shipping station, all of which must be operated onsite by our team.

As we face new costs due to COVID-19, we will spare no effort to maintain the 5-year old prices in solidarity with our clients, some of whom were consulted in a July-2020's random survey to explore mutually beneficial options. As a result, we have adopted the suggestion to maintain prices by excluding the phone book (now largely replaced by mobile phones).

After selecting your Harvard® Planner, the right-sized phone book will be proposed in a prompt message. If required, please specify the quantity (price: $3 per unit). The shipping cost of the phone book will be less than the regular fees displayed in the internet.

We will continue to work together to weather the challenges we face. Thank you for your understanding.

Alain Paul Martin


PS: For three years, the color atlas has been offered, on a complimentary basis, even though it was no longer listed, in the internet, as an element of the Harvard® Planner. For 2021 and subsequent years, the atlas will be replaced by note pages, as suggested by clients who prefer the precise up-to-date maps in the internet. If interested, please consider downloading, which provides detailed worldwide maps of countries, cities, streets and nearby businesses, all absolutely free. One clear advantage: no need for the internet (WIFI) to operate the app, although downloading requires an internet connexion.