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Harvard® International Planner

Medium size
Wire-O bound
5½" X 8½" (14 X 21 cm)
Code 2H

PDI has designed the Harvard® International Planner to respond to the increased time demands and scarcer resources facing today's professionals, executives and support staff. As our U.S., Canadian and Japanese patents prove, the Harvard® Planner is a true innovation which raises the standard of excellence in time management.

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The patented Harvard® Planner is a genuine innovation in space and time-saving, designed to respond to the increased time demands and scarcer resources facing today's professionals, executives and support staff. It permits rescheduling without rewriting appointments and other tasks.

Global companies, governments and diplomats rely on the Harvard Planner as as a reliable reference for world holidays.

The Harvard® Planner permits leaders, executive assistants, scientists, engineers, analysts, administrative staff and other professionals to save approximatively 10 days a year when compared to the competitive products (as demonstrated by Ernst & Young's independent study). And, as our U.S., Canadian and Japanese patents prove, the Planner is a true innovation which raises the standard of excellence in time management.

Both the Harvard® International and Elite Planners offer you all the writing space you need and let you keep an eye on the whole week.

Consider the following unique elements of the Harvard® design when comparing planners:

  1. The majority of personal organizers and time management instruments on the market today include one page per day. But, users are more successful in scheduling and prioritizing when they plan a week - not a day - at a time. That is why both the International and Elite Planners offer you each week on two pages for easy visualization.

  2. With the Harvard Planner, you can plan more tasks than in any planner of comparable size. With the Harvard® system's pre-coded tasks and actions, it's easy to schedule by writing details in the Action section and cross referencing to the time slot in the Appointment section. You never spill over to other time slots (or hour lines); thus, leaving your Appointment section free and legible, and you still have as many lines as you need for details in the Action section. Thus, the Harvard® Planner is a true space saver. Moreover, you can add as many optional Note or Action forms per week as you need, but only when you need them, if you choose a refill version with a leather portfolio:
    The result is the thinnest, lightest, most compact and effective annual planner available.

  3. And as for time-saving features, the Harvard® Planner's patented design is perfect for today's professionals who on average tend to defer at least 20% of their activities from day to day. Pre-coded actions allow you to defer any task or activity without rewriting related details. Plus, an ingenious action-forward system allows you to reschedule, track progress, delegate and follow-up with a minimum of writing and rewriting. All this in a system that's easy to learn, easy to use and easy to adapt to your needs.

  4. To verify that Harvard® Planners bring users concrete results, PDI commissioned an independent market study by Ernst & Young. The study showed that those who switch to the Harvard® Planner saved an equivalent of 10 days per year, which translates to thousands of dollars in productivity gains. This is indeed an unbeatable return on investment!

Features of both the International and the Elite Harvard® Planners

  • Two pages per week
  • Appointment section on top of pages with one line per hour (or two lines per hour in the Elite option)
  • Action Section on bottom of pages (full right page in the Elite option) with columns:
    • Importance and Sequence
    • Planning and Execution
    • Expenses, Time and File No.
    • Defer to
    • Delegate to
    • Role
  • Pages for telephone numbers
  • Yearly Goal-Setting Pages
  • Project Logs
  • Meeting and Contact Forms
  • Expenses Logs
  • 150-year Calendar 1900 to 2050 (desk-size only)
  • Month-at-a-time calendar and full-size page for objectives at the beginning of each month
  • 5-year holiday grid for Canada and the United-States
  • List of holidays, telephone area codes and international time zones
  • Metric conversion information
  • Fahrenheit-Celsius conversion information
  • Metric and imperial grid paper
  • Note forms
  • Detailed user guide
  • On the 3- and 7-perforation refills only: Dividers with tabs to clearly identify each section of your planner

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