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Upcoming Leadership & Management Seminars
Applying Harvard University Global System Tools

  1. Negotiation-Excellence Skills: Hands-on Workshop

  2. Master Project-Management Skills, Techniques and Proven Practices: Learn to Lead Teams; Plan Projects and Control Progress (Scope, Deliverables, Time, Resources, Risks, Costs, Earned Value and Change)

  3. Exemplary Team-Leadership & Management-Skills Workshop

  4. Advanced Workshop: Exemplary Team-Leadership Skills II

  5. New Manager & Team Leader Workshop

  6. Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals: Best Practices, Proven Personal Organization Methods and Skills for Partnering with Your Team and Moving Forward

  7. Advanced Workshop for Executive Assistants and Admin. Professionals - Part II: Focus on Building Personal & Team Excellence, Project-Management & Negotiation Skills

  8. Professional Skills for Writing with Clarity and Impact for Managers, Team Leaders, Engineers, Analysts, Executive Assistants and Other Administrative Professionals

  9. Astronaut Mike Mullane's Countdown to Teamwork: Video Presentation Featuring the Critical Success Factors in Building Effective Teams and Courageous Self Leaders

Workshop Leader’s Endorsements

"Alain Paul Martin has a long and valued association with Teck Metals Ltd We believe that Alain’s teachings go far beyond the typical project management focus on scope, schedule, cost, and, sometimes, quality. Alain delves into topics that project managers working with complex topics or program managers dealing with multiple complex and often inter-related projects need to know about and must become skilled at to be successful. These teachings are supported by tools that we and our teams use on a regular basis to move ideas and concepts into well-defined projects that can be managed with conventional project-management tools."

Rob Stephens, PhD, Director
John F. Higginson, Technical-Support Manager (ret'd)
Applied Research & Technology
Teck Metals Ltd.


"Mr. Martin tirelessly invests his energy to leverage his successes and networks into solutions that have a direct, positive impact on the Mr. Martin’s management background and extensive experience in advising global leaders, alongside his motivation to eradicate poverty and its ill effects, qualify him to make a uniquely valuable contribution to addressing inequity on a societal level. With demonstrated skills in entrepreneurship, negotiation, and issue analysis, he is precisely the sort of thoughtful, versatile leader we need to advocate on behalf of the poor and underserved."

Prof. Paul E. Farmer, MD, PhD
Chair, Global Health & Social Medicine
      Harvard Medical School
Chief, Global Health Equity
      Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Co-founder, Partners In Health


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