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Negotiation Strategy Grid
8½" X 11;" (21 X 28 cm)
Code 55N

Negotiation Strategy Grig (code 55N)
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Negotiation Strategy Grig (code 55N)
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The Negotiation-Strategy Tool is a creativity instrument that helps negotiators invent and explore a complete panorama of strategic choices with less guesswork. This two-page brainstorming checklist widens the window through which opportunities are viewed. With it, you can organize your thinking process and break down the barriers to innovation - at every step in the negotiation value chain. Even when the strategy is clear, its execution can be fraught with perils. That is why the tool also provides a step-by-step scenario to help users reduce implementation risks, turn resistance to change into constructive engagement, and mitigate residual risks and collateral damage. (Note: this tool is very similar to the Harvard® Project Strategy: Team-Brainstorming Board Code 55A).

Each two page document is sold in sets of 75 units.

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