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2017 Innovation Boot Camp:
More Useful Options Less Guesswork to Go Further and Faster

Skills, Techniques and Harvard® Creativity Templates and Framework to Increase
Your Team Innovations' Quality, Capacity, Velocity, Usability and Sustainability

New York
July 19-21, 2017

Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada
September 18-20, 2017

October 23-25, 2017

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!”
Albert Einstein

Innovation is contagious
“It is not the strongest of the species
that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one that is most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin


Judicious innovation is a vital team task as a springboard to organizational agility, solid growth and resilience. Most executives, team leaders and professionals find it difficult to innovate in a systematic and effective manner. Yet, very few organizations provide their staff with the cutting-edge training to work together in creative and productive ways.

This workshop permits those competent professionals to advance further and faster than ever, with more useful options and less guesswork; and specifically:
  • Obtain current knowledge and skills in the practice of genuine and practical innovations;

  • Learn the hard lessons from the successes and failures that led to best practices at NASA, Silicon Valley and mission-critical government agencies;

  • Champion a resilient innovation culture in and beyond their teams.

The program comprises two learning blocks:
  1. Learn the competencies and practical instruments that spark a greater creativity in teams and have proven to multiply each team member’s potential for creativity beyond what is achievable with current best practices in technological and non-technological forms of innovation. With the skills and Harvard’s HUGS framework and tools, you can leverage whatever individual methods you use to spark novel options by seeding, incubating and exploring a complete panorama of choices in setting goals and deliverables, formulating strategies, mobilizing and allocating scarce resources, planning processes, prototyping, buy-ins, risk mitigation, execution and delivery scenarios, as well as in impact evaluation and reclamation, if any.

  2. Learn to brainstorm in teams in ways to increase synergy i.e. work together in the most creative and productive ways. You will explore innovative scenarios to excel in team innovation and intellectual-property development i.e. increase your organization’s speed and capacity to seamlessly innovate durable and effective physical and digital products or services, processes, policies, strategic alliances, online platforms and intelligence.
These competencies and tools are vital to compete globally, build and retain repeat-business clients and competent high-performing teams, both in the public and private sectors. Bring your own innovation issues or case study for consideration in teamwork (one case per group of 4 participants).

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to help your team ” practical innovations with less guesswork.


Alain Paul Martin will share the evolving theory, the best practices and the hard lessons he learned from his clients, Harvard case studies and both his own successes and colossal failures.

As an 18-year co-op student at Peugeot in France, he delivered his first innovation, a jig to automate his own mass-production job. Upon starting his career in the aerospace industry in North America, Alain gained immediate recognition and corporate awards in technological innovations. He went on to optimize transportation (Du Pont), construction materials (Domtar) and quality and equity in TV news delivery (CBC). Since then, he has established a distinguished track record in digital and physical product innovations as inventor (US, Canadian and Japanese patents) and strategic-change agent in finance (Desjardins, National Bank), the UNESCO and several governments where the focus was strategic policies. As an entrepreneur, he created employment for knowledge workers for over 20 years and led his teams to receive a Canada Awards for Excellence certificate and the Mercure Gold Award for a client. He led the creation of Harvard University Global System™ as well as the Global Method and the novel software algorithms used by Skanska in managing projects varying from millions to multi-billion dollars. .

After resolving intellectual-property disputes with innovative ADR processes, Alain Martin took formal training in negotiation and mediation at Harvard Law School from which he is certified to teach negotiation in the corporation. He also held graduate faculty posts in leadership and management of change and is a Harvard University Fellow in Advanced Leadership (2012) and an alumnus in entrepreneurship (OPM) of Harvard Business School (1997-99).


Innovation quality, capacity, agility and durability are everyone’s business to rethink what you do, create and extract significant benefits from your value stream. You are welcome to participate whether you are a senior executive, a team leader, an intellectual-property counsel, a scientist, an economist or an executive assistant.

We highly recommend that you register as a team of at very least two persons, because most great innovations are the product of small teams. Google, HP, Mitel, Cisco, Yahoo, Microsoft and Nupedia/Wikipedia were literally created by dyads.

Participants come from businesses, governments, academia, NGOs and research organizations. The workshop leader reserves the right to balance attendance in order to increase diversity in experience and talent and maximize the boot-camp’s learning impact.


1. Quick Synopsis of Genuine Innovation and Innovation Tasks

  • From connotations and pundit perspectives to precise regulatory definitions
    • Connotations: Creativity, novelty, transformation, invention, discovery, breakthrough, paradigm shift, brainstorming
    • Pundit Views: Guy Kawasaki, Clayton Christensen, Michael Porter and others
    • OECD-Eurostat Oslo Manual on technological and non-technological innovations
    • Qualified research under the U.S. R&E Tax Credit or Canada's SR&ED
  • Dispruptive innovation; inventions; Malcolm Gladwell's Creation Myth
  • Boot-Camp's working definition
  • Innovation activities through the innovation value-chain lenses including mapping, improvisation and divergent/convergent thinking, skunk work and prototyping

2. Hard Lessons from Exemplary Innovations, Failures and Brilliant Blunders

  • Mission-critical life and death cases (NASA, nuclear energy, defense)
  • How to address the threats to innovation including“the valley of death”
  • From deliverables to outcomes and impact
    • What makes digital and physical products and services great
    • Why balancing enterprise and user risk/rewards should be viewed over multiple iterations?
  • Formulating a research question
  • Strategic and operational policy instruments
  • The prevailing cycle: Screw up; learn; repair and iterate
  • Harvard University Global System: Three interactive non-linear zoom-in and out cycles
    • Think stakeholders, map the dynamics, help (strengthen, build-on, challenge), align, refine, celebrate
    • Dare to be bold, look-out, visualize, model options, incubate, rethink/reframe, experiment, strategize, pilot, break/stress-out/play, mock-up (full prototype), develop, build, test, upgrade, exit gracefully
    • The complete HUGS framework: Iterations and the Hubble Telescope

3. Practical Instruments for Excellence in Innovation

  • Team Leadership pre-requisites
    • From clear and mutually-supporting roles to Mullane“s accountable self-leaders
    • How to augment the sources of innovation including the focus on people and the necessary freedom to act
    • Team-synergy exercise: Do's and don'ts
  • Instrument to define innovation scope, value chain, externalities, iteration and evaluation mechanisms
  • Further and faster: more useful options less guesswork
    • Harvard® Creativity Template to increase innovation velocity and capacity: more options less guesswork
    • Innovation-quality vetting process and benchmarking tips
    • From innovation to usability and sustainability: What matters the most?
    • Core of usability and sustainability sciences
    • Open-source intelligence exercise: How to promptly build complex queries?
  • From strategic to operational policies and working instruments to:

4. Practical Instruments for Excellence in Innovation

  • Team-leadership pre-requisites

5. Casework from Your Own Organization

  • Casework-selection competition
  • Collaborative-team composition
  • Iterative innovation sessions: Brainstorming and validating creative options
  • Intergroup learning and feedback

6. Synthesis & Conclusion

  • How to wisely champion innovation within and beyond your teams
  • 90-day action plan to practice the skills and keep progressing


A total attention to quality is featured in the versatile course materials from the success stories, the pre-readings, the practical exercises and case studies to the most practical toolkit and attractive and durable Harvard road maps.


3 days: Regular fees: $1695; Government: $1495; Group fees for 3 or more participants: $1450 per person.

Fees include books, hand-outs, road maps and other course materials of exceptional value, and a daily continental breakfast plus hot and soft drinks during the morning and afternoon pauses, but exclude hotel accommodation (if required).

How to Register: Please register, online, call us weekdays (9 AM - 4:30 PM EDT) at +1 819-772-7777; toll free in the USA and Canada: 1-800-HARVARD and pay in advance by cheque or credit card.

Send your cheque payable to: The Professional Development Institute PDI Inc.

Cancellation Policy: Participants registering as a group must send substitutes in lieu of cancelling. For other clients, cancellations are accepted if made at least 10 working days prior to the course, and are subject to a $150 service charge per person. Full fees are payable by anyone who fails to attend or cancels less than 10 working days prior to the session. One substitution or transfer to a later course of the same duration is accepted.



We deliver in-house versions of this workshop worldwide to business and governments, NGOs and bar associations and other societies. We would be delighted to work together with your team anywhere. Ask us for a proposal based on the number of participants, the seminar duration and a selection of cutting-edge course materials and case studies most applicable to your environment.

Our fees are most reasonable. If required to support your request, we would provide supporting evidence for service fees recently billed to governments and companies.

The travel expenses for seminar leaders are on cost-recovery basis. They include airfare, ground transportation, meals, gratuities, airport taxes and hotel accommodation. There is no travel expense for seminars held in the cities of New York, Boston, Cambridge and Ottawa where we hold regular public workshops. If applicable in your jurisdiction, sales and value-added taxes (HST and PST or VAT) are extra.

The client is responsible for the conference room, audio-visual materials including 2 flip charts, an 8x8 feet projection screen, internet access, a digital projector for PowerPoint presentations and a laptop computer (as a back-up machine). We also recommend round tables, each seating five participants, in a crescent arrangement, to face the workshop leader.


This workshop provides universal skills that are in high demand as pre-requisites for excellence in every leadership and professional position. When these skills are acquired at a reputable institution like ours, they will stand out on your CV, as a notable accomplishment.

For us, that is necessary but not sufficient, as we want you also to excel in the workplace so we can succeed with you. To this end, you will be armed with cutting-edge knowledge, practical skills, sound techniques and Harvard University Global System™, the finest framework and toolkit for high achievers. And with our outstanding faculty of distinguished workshop leaders who combine graduate-level teaching in leading universities with ongoing international field practice, we aim to help you gain and maintain no less than the competitive edge.

To prevent misrepresentation and maintain the trust in the marketplace, we also count on our participants who are certified to have successfully completed this workshop to be rigorous in including it in their resumé exactly as indicated below, either in multiple lines or in a single contiguous string.

Two options:
  • Option I: 2017 Seamless Innovation-Skills Boot Camp (or Workshop)
    Optional: Applying Harvard University Global System

  • Option II: 2017 Boot Camp (or Workshop) on Skills, Framework and Tools
    Optional: to Increase Innovation Quality, Capacity, Velocity, Usability and Sustainability
    Optional: Applying Harvard University Global System
You can add the provider in either option: The Professional Development Institute
Also optional: City and date, e.g. Boston, October 23-25, 2017


The dress code is business casual at your discretion. Trust your judgment. When unsure, err on the side of caution. If overdressed, you can remove a tie or a jacket and roll up your sleeves. Members of the Canadian Forces and the U.S. defense community can, at their discretion, either dress casually or keep the uniform.

You will be reminded the first day to dress the way you feel most comfortable for a photo session the next morning.

Although every effort will be made to ensure a pleasant learning environment including a suitable temperature, we recommend you bring a sweater or a jacket to the classroom as individual comfort zones differ and sudden variations in the weather can temporarily affect air conditioning.

Also please kindly refrain from using strong fragrances during the session in order to accommodate your fellow participants who suffer from asthma.

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