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Innovation-Skills Workshop
How to Nurture Imagination, Creativity, Innovation Quality and Scaling

Ottawa-Gatineau Campus
June 10-11, 2019

August 12-13, 2019

To Register, please call 1-800-HARVARD
International +1 819-772-7777. Thank you.

Innovation is everyone's business in leading organizations. This workshop permits the participants to:
  • Acquire the cutting-edge competencies, proven instruments and best practices to master the process of innovation, nurture imagination, improve innovation quality, with less guesswork. These competencies and tools are vital to compete globally, build and retain clients and high-performing teams, both in technological and non-technological fields.

  • Create the conditions conducive to a constant stream of mission-driven innovations across the value chain. These conditions should spark novel options by seeding, stimulating and exploring a complete panorama of choices in crafting strategies, goals and deliverables; mobilizing and allocating resources; prototyping; securing buy-ins; mitigating risks; executing and delivering excellence.

Note: innovation deliverables can be a product, a service, a policy or an enabling process.


1. Asking the Right Questions & Building the Foundations for Synergy

  • Pre-requisites for sustainable innovation
  • Challenging the Rules of the Game. Sketching and constantly refining working goals
    • Applying "system thinking in context" to question assumptions, probe boundaries and practices, reinvent the rules of the game, and re-frame to innovate
    • Crafting the corridors of navigation for discovery, learning and creating value
  • Team-synergy exercise stretching the participant’s comfort zone

2. Crafting Your Innovator’s Canvas

  • Configuring, pruning and updating the canvas
    • Current and emerging threats and opportunities
    • The future including pathways to get there
  • Innovation activities

3. Innovative Thinking: Methods, Techniques and Harvard® Tools

  • Anchoring the innovation: Scope, value chain, uncertainties, iterative milestones and evaluation mechanisms
  • Harvard® Creativity Template and framework to boost innovation capacity and velocity:
    Thinking outside the box with a free flow of ideas, inventing real and fuzzy options, with less guesswork
    • How to stimulate creativity, build, improve upon everyone’s suggestions and have fun
    • How to harness and challenge abductive arguments and open new vistas for potential innovations
    • Rules for healthy and provocative auto-critique and collective critique
    • Sketching the forest and building a value proposition from a cluster of choices:
      Illustrations from corporate finance and aerospace
    • Lessons from Amazon, Dr. Joseph Lister, Louis Pasteur and Procter & Gamble’s longest profitable innovation
    • Testing for quality, usability and sustainability

4. Teamwork Exercises: Practicing Synergistic Innovation and System Thinking

  • How to stimulate critical thinking, build upon each other’s ideas and co-create
  • Iterative innovation rounds: Brainstorming and validating creative options
  • Intergroup learning and feedback

5. How to Create the Conditions Conducive to Innovation Excellence

  • How to address serious threats stifling innovation
    • Normalization of deviance, groupthink, perfection syndromes, “the valley of death”
    • Risks and opportunities facing champions, underdogs and riders?
  • Practical lessons from successes and failures

6. Synthesis & Conclusion


In this hands-on workshop, Alain Paul Martin will share the best practices and the lessons from his successes and failures and others'. He works with research and innovation teams in fields ranging from biotech and software development to energy, mining and government policy. At the 2019 Horasis Global meeting, he chairs a team of leaders and entrepreneurs with a significant track record in innovation in business, health, higher education, diplomacy and government. For further information about Alain's background, please see this hyperlink.


2 days: Regular fees: $1695; Government: $1495; Group fees for 3 or more participants: $1450 per person.

Fees include a workbook, PPT hand-outs, road maps, Martin’s upcoming brainstorming guide, and a daily continental breakfast plus hot and soft drinks during the morning and afternoon pauses, but exclude hotel accommodation.

To register, please contact us by email at or call us toll free in the USA and Canada: 1-800-HARVARD; international: +1 819-772-7777. We are open Mondays through Thursdays (9 AM - 4:00 PM EDT); voicemail: 24/7. Please pay in advance by credit card.

Cancellation Policy
Participants registering as a group must send substitutes in lieu of canceling. For other clients, cancellations are accepted if made at least 10 working days prior to the course, and are subject to a $150 service charge per person. Full fees are payable by anyone who fails to attend or cancels less than 10 working days prior to the session. One substitution or transfer to a later course of the same duration is accepted.



We deliver in-house versions of this workshop worldwide to business and governments, NGOs and bar associations and other societies. We would be delighted to work together with your team anywhere. Ask us for a proposal based on the number of participants, the seminar duration and a selection of cutting-edge course materials and case studies most applicable to your environment.

Our fees are reasonable. The travel expenses, if any, for seminar leaders are on cost-recovery basis. If applicable in your jurisdiction, sales and value-added taxes (HST and PST or VAT) are extra.

The client is responsible for the conference room and audio-visual materials.

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