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5 Hands-on Intensive Professional-Development Webinars (5 days x 4 hours each)
2021 Competencies for Presidential, Executive
and Administrative Assistants

Applying Proven Professional and Personal Skills, Organization Methods,
Harvard University Global System™ Tools and Best Practices for
Partnering with Your Team and Management and Moving Forward
in traditional, hybrid and virtual-team environments

Five webinars of 4 hours including three 10-minute breaks

English: April 19-23, 2021
French: April 26-30, 2021

Five Genuine Testimonials from Executive and Presidential Assistants

Webinars' Local Time in Your City

11am-3pm UTC-4: Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Montréal, New York, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Québec, Santiago, Toronto, Washington
10am-2pm UTC-5: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Omaha, San Antonio, Winnipeg
9am-1pm UTC-6: Calgary, Denver, Edmonton, Regina, Salt Lake City, Saskatoon, Yellowknife
8am-12pm UTC-7: Vancouver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle
12-4pm UTC-3: Buenos Aires, Halifax, Moncton, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
3-7pm UTC+0: Abidjan, Accra, Bamako, Casablanca, Dakar, Reykjavik
4-8pm UTC+1: Algiers, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lagos, Lisbon, London, Tunis
5-9pm UTC+2: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Hamburg, Geneva, Lyon, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Pretoria, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich
6-10pm UTC+3: Ankara, Athens, Bahrain, Doha, Helsinki, Kuwait, Nairobi, Riyadh, Tel Aviv
7-11pm UTC+4: Abu Dhabi, Baku, Dubai, Tbilisi

Webinar Objectives

Rich in practical learning and illustrations pertinent to the participants' context, these unique webinars has been designed for presidential and management assistants interested in maximizing their potential for exercising greater responsibility beyond the present position.

The focus is on the skills and tools to improve productivity, build a winning team with bosses and peers, and maximize value to your organization, in traditional, hybrid and virtual teams. This unique experience will help you:
  • Set and negotiate goals, priorities and urgency in partnership with your boss (manager or senior executive);
  • Organize your day and manage time (deadlines, meetings), drop-in visitors and time-wasters;
  • Manage conflicts, difficult people, crises and awkward situations assertively;
  • Make your manager(s) more effective; improve your working relationship; assume more leadership and managerial responsibility without the benefit of authority; build empowerment-inducing habits;
  • Clarify your role and excel in working with peers, multiple managers and demanding clients;
  • Practice in a friendly atmosphere and seek guidance from the webinar leader;
  • Make your job more meaningful, build trust, and take charge of your career growth beyond the present position.


Much of your time during these webinars will be invested to deal with back-home issues and barriers to building a winning team. We believe learning occurs most readily when quickly applied to real-life situations you care about. Therefore, we want you to do some thinking before the webinar about:
  1. Activities that make up your job and percentage of time spent on each per week.
  2. Two interpersonal situations you have a difficulty with on the job, e.g. working for and negotiating priorities with one or multiple bosses, cutting off conversations, keeping people from disturbing your management, delegating work to others, enforcing deadlines. Who is involved? When does it occur? How do you usually handle the situation?

DETAILED OUTLINE (2.5 Continuing-Education Units - CEU)

1. Taking Charge without the Benefit of Authority

  • Start with a clear mandate
  • The art of building and using constructive power
    • Demonstration and practice
  • Insights into interpersonal compatibility: FIRO-B
  • Profession executive assistant: A model of success
  • Managing your boss: How to build a winning team

2. How to Set Goals and Priorities

  • Personal and business goals: Practical validity tests
  • How to set and validate your goals: Team exercise
  • How to assess priorities and deadlines
  • In-basket exercise on priority and urgency

3. Managing Conflicts and Difficult People

  • Diagnosing conflicts affecting administrative staff
  • Understanding our behavior; preparing for the worst
  • Managing difficult bosses, co-workers and others
    • Dealing with aggressive and passive hostility
  • Video case study, two team exercises and guided learning

4. Preventing Role and Responsibility Conflicts

  • How to clarify your role with your boss and peers
  • How to prevent unfair evaluations
  • Practical exercise in role and responsibility charting

5. Personal Organization - Scheduling Your Day

  • Practical teamwork on selecting the best filing system
  • How to set reasonable deadlines; securing agreement
  • How to control your day & focus on high-return tasks
  • The quiet hour: How to make it happen
  • Working smarter: Eight drivers to control your day
  • Smart search and e-mails: Tips to get the best results
  • How to reduce your workload with the invisible Web

6. How to Control Interruptions and Time-Wasters

  • How to control drop-in visitors and interruptions
  • Practical tips to deal with major time-wasters

7. How to Prepare Shorter and Productive Meetings

  • How to run effective meetings: Hyman Rickover tips
  • Video-learning exercise: Meetings Bloody Meetings

8. Building the Foundation for Career Excellence

  • How to develop courageous self-leadership (Mullane)
  • Practical tips for building an excellent career and a proactive life based on Dr. Herbert Shepard’s research

Webinar Leader: Alain Paul MARTIN

Alain Paul Martin, Workshop LeaderAlain Paul Martin is currently training executive assistants worldwide, via MS Teams and Zoom. He has an extensive experience in coaching virtual teams and leading constantly updated skills-development workshops and webinars for executive assistants and administrative professionals, in both the public and private sectors. He is credited by many of his training alumni to have had a positive impact in their upward mobility.

While advising senior leaders, including chief executive officers and deputy ministers, he has witnessed first-hand the grueling workload and immense challenges facing intelligent, capable and dedicated executive assistants and administrative professionals (EA & AP), with whom he teamed-up in a wide variety of working conditions, both face-to-face and in a virtual teams. That is why at Harvard University, part of his research, on eradicating workplace and gender inequities, focused on providing EA & AP with universally marketable high-paying skills and tools for exemplary self-leadership, upward mobility and career opportunities of lasting value.

Alain is a lifelong student and practioner of decision sciences (leadership, system thinking, operations research and cognitive and behavioral neuroscience). He is a 2012 Harvard Fellow, Advanced Leadership and a Harvard Business School's entrepreneurship alumnus (1997-99 OPM). He graduated in Commerce (Quantitative Methods) from Concordia University (Montreal) and studied advanced technology in Lille, France. He acquired skills in system thinking, change management and organization behavior at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC), and mediation and advanced negotiation for lawyers, at Harvard Law School from which he is certified to teach negotiation in corporations...

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Webinars Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees    Public    Gov.    Groups of 3
Webinars I : 5 days 4 hours each 1395$ 1345$ 1295$ each
Advanced Webinars II (Certification) : 4 days x 4 hours each 1095$ 1045$ 995$ chacun
Complete Program and certification (9 days) 2395$ 2345$ 2295$ chacun
Registration and Cancellation Procedures

To register, please contact us either by:
  • email at Specify your name, position, organization, phone number(s) and the webinar you wish to attend.
  • call us toll free in the USA and Canada: 1-800-HARVARD; international: +1 819-772-7777. voicemail: 24/7.
Please pay in advance by credit card.

Cancellation Policy
Participants registering as a group must send substitutes in lieu of canceling. For other clients, cancellations are accepted if made at least 10 working days prior to the course, and are subject to a $150 service charge per person. Full fees are payable by anyone who fails to attend or cancels less than 10 working days prior to the session. One substitution or transfer to a later course of the same duration is accepted.

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